Library Lingo ... and how we communicate in other electronic venues


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Library Terms:

  • OCLC - Online Computer Library Center
  • LC - Library of Congress
  • USL - Union Shelf List    (Some don't exist anymore)
  • CSL - Campus Shelf List    (Even less exist of these)
  • ACRL - Association of College and Research Libraries
  • VTLS, Virgo, Sirsi, OPAC, Portals, etc.    (These are different animals in the same zoo)
  • CMS - Computer Management System and LMS - Learning Management System
  • FRBR - FRBRizing - The FRBR Blog (Check out the PDF and related term ")
  • PERL vs. PURL
  • RFID
  • Z39.50 vs. WiFi and 802.11B, or 802.11G
  • Federated Searching (I use the term "portal" - here's another one - iGoogle)
  • Metadata vs. metatags (html example)

Non-Library Terms (What your patrons might use):

Hardware and Software Technology

  • DVD
  • Thumbdrive, flashdrive, jumpdrive
  • MegaBytes
  • MegaPixels
  • iPod
  • iTunes
  • Blackberry (or Crackberry as those who have one can attest)
  • iPhone

Other things (technology used) you might want to familiarize yourself with:

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